X-Ray Machine (500 mA)

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Conformity to CertificationCDSCO/AERB
Certification number and dateUP-21498-MF-XRE-001 20-02-2017
Type test approval from AREB requiredYes
AREB approval certificate number of Particular Model99-TA-811
Confirmity to manufacturing standardsISO 13485
Conformity to safety standardsIEC 60601-2-54 or BIS equivalents

Performance Parameters

PurposeFor Radiography examinations
Type of Frequency generatorHigh frequency generator
Frequency generator output in kW40
KVP range in KV40 -125
Current output500 mA or more at 100 kV
Provision of Anatomical programming radiographyYes
Over loading protectionYes
X-ray tube positioningFloor Mount Tube stand
X ray tube should be high speed rotating anode and must have dual focusYes
Tube rotation in degree120
Size of large focal spot in mmUpto 2 mm
Size of small focal spot in mmUpto 1 mm
Anode Rotation Speed (minimal) per minute2800
Permanent Filtration0.9 mm Al / 75 kV
Anode heat storage capacity300
Heat dissipation rate670
Automatic exposure control device providedYes
Maximum Exposure time in milli secondupto 15
Digital display for KVP & mAs providedYes
Range of tube movements in vertical planes in cm150
Range of tube movements in longitudinal in cm150
Range of tube movements in lateral planes in cm150
Electromagnetic brakes with fully counter balanced mechanism for tube movementYes
Facility to display tube angulationYes
Centering devices to be providedYes
Maximum source to image distance (SID) in vertical position in cm150
Maximum source to image distance (SID) in horizontal position in cm100
Collimeter rotation in degree±180
Multileaf collimator having halogen lamp/bright light source, with auto shut off provision of the light, should be availableYes
Minimum intensity of light field lamp≥150 lux
Full coverage size at a 100 cm SID(collimeter size) with ± 5 percent tolerances430 x 430
Type of table providedFloating table top
Table top material with low attenuation and scratch resistant surfaceCarbon fiber
Table Length in mm with ± 1 percent tolerances1850
Table Width in mm with ± 1 percent tolerances700
Table Height in mm with ± 1 percent tolerances700
System should have longitudinal and horizontal table top movementsYes
Table should have provision for lateral imaging, without patient movementNo
Range of movements for the tableTransverse movements of + 10cm or more & Longitudinal movements+ 40 cm with electromagnetic brakes
Facilities of height adjustmentsNo
Maximum Patient weight supported by table in kgs200
Foot switches for adjusting longitudinal/side to side movements, locking, and light adjustmentNo
Movable Grid with grid ratio10:1 or more
Anti-collision and safety devices providedYes
Counterbalanced, adjustable height, wall and floor mounted, vertical BuckyYes
SID range of radiographic application including chest radiography in mm1000 to 1800
Provision of doing chest radiography without gridYes
Power supplyThree Phase AC ( 380-440 V,50/60 Hz)
Number of installations of the X- ray machines in Central /State/PSU Govt Hospitals (Note: Seller should furnish a performance certificate of the device to the buyer in case demanded after placement of the order)>3
OEM and Reseller (if supplier is re-seller) shall ensure uninterrupted availability of all spares for 10 yearsYes
Availability of toll free facility for technical support maintened by OEM or authorized agenciesNo
User/Technical/Maintenance manuals to be supplied in English in hard and soft copyYes
Demonstration of equipment and training to be provided after completing supplies before acceptanceYes
Warranty in years5

Additional Parameters

Patient fixing belts and compression device (for performing excretory urography, etc)Yes
Voltage stabilizer servo controlled in kVA50
Lead lining for doorsYes
Lead Aprons – Full body and Skirt type (Each )2 each (0.5pb)
Light weight zero lead radiation protection aprons providedYes
Thyroid shields supplied4
Gonad sheet Male supplied2
Gonad sheet Female supplied2
Wall mounted stand for radiation protection aprons suppliedYes
Lead glass window SuppliedYes
Footsteps for the table suppliedYes
Lateral cassette holder providedYes


The Principal Manufacturer must have direct Presence/approved service center In IndiaYes
Copies of reports and certifications to be furnished to buyer on demand at time of suppliesYes
QA, QC and other tests as per NABH shall be carried out by OEM or authorized agency of OEMYes
Copies of all calibration and test reports to be submitted at the time of Supply of MachineYes


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