Video-Nystagmography(VNO) For Vertigo Clinics

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Product DescriptionVideo-nystagmography (VNG) Equipment For Vertigo Clinics
PurposeTo evaluate the oculomotor system , positional and caloric test in Vertigo Patients
ComponentsBinocular VNG Goggle, Projection System,Laptop/Desktop and Software


Should be able to perform Spontaneous Nystagmus with optic fixationYes
Should be able to perform Spontaneous Nystagmus without optic fixationYes
Should be able to perform Gaze evoked NystagmusYes
Should be able to perform Saccades – fixedYes
Should be able to perform Saccades – randomYes
Should be able to perform Smooth tracking with varying frequenciesYes
Should be able to perform Optokinetic testYes
Should be able to perform Head shaking testYes
Should be able to perform Caloric testYes
Should be able to perform Vibration testYes
Should be able to perform Positional Testing including Dix-Hallpike, McClure’s, Supine, Deep Head HangingYes
Should be able to perform Valsalva and hyperventilation induced nystagmusYes
Should be able to perform Skew DeviationYes
Real time recording of all the parametersYes
High frame rate camera with mirror for precision and obstruction less eye trackingYes
Should be able to integrate with any laptop/ComputerYes
Detailed and customized reports automatically created in easy formatYes
Algorithm automatically calculates the slow phase velocity and counts the number of beats per secondYes
Automatic calculation of Directional Preponderance, canal Paresis and fixation indexYes
Pan Control and eye centering through the software instead of knobs on goggle to avoid movement of goggle during testingYes
Projector image instead of traditional light bar or LCD ScreenYes
Automatic Calculation of Gain at two frequencies in smooth pursuit testYes
Automatically generate graphs of all parameters with easy visual comparisonwith age related normative data
Automatically compensates the effect of spontaneous nystagmus in caloric testingYes


Adjustment required for focus or mirror settingNo
Integrated External Focus KnobNo
Ligth weight with direct USB connection to laptop or desktop computerYes
Built in fixation light to simply testingYes
Easy fit magnetic cover allowing for both occluded and unoccluded measurmentsYes
Runs with advanced eye tracking algorithm that eliminates errors caused by blinkingYes
Equipped with soft and comfortable padded headbandYes
Binocular TestingYes
Horizontal Eye Tracking+-20° to +-30°
Vertical Eye Tracking+-15° to +-30°
Horizontal resolution of Video Camera640 Pixels
Vertical resolution of Video Camera480 Pixels
Sampling rate30Hz to 60 Hz
Image Sensor TypeCMOS
Image Sensor size1/3 inch
Infrared light Wavelength950 nm
Goggle Dimensions (h x wx d) in mm265x105x100
Weight of goggle (gm)450 gram


Software DescriptionVNG 501
Type of Software LicensePerpetual
Database Storage of Test DataYes
Automatic storage of test data on the cloudYes
Any other Software Feature/Functioncloud integration


ProcesorIntel core i5
Minimum RAM Required4 GB
Operating SystemWindows 10 or above
Disk Space Required256 GB
Minimum screen resolution1024 (horiz) x 768 (vert) at 96 dpi
Display color32-bit color
Bus supportUSB 2.0


Standard accessories providedOne Face Foam , One strap , one mirror cleaning cloth


Product certificationISO 13485
Certification, performance and safety standards specific to the deviceISO 13485 , ISO 9001
Submission of all the certifications and test reports to the buyer along with suppliesYes


Supplier to perform installation, safety and operation checks before handoverYes
Training of users in operation and basic maintenance shall be providedYes


Warranty (Yrs)2
User technical and maintenance manual detailing complete maintaining schedule with routine maintenance should be providedYes
Contact details of manufacturer, supplier and local service agent to be providedYes


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