Ultrasound machine without color Doppler (Portable) with integrated trolley

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Certifications for productUS FDA( with approved document)
Certification Number and dateK142474 Dec 19 2014
Conformity to Electrical safety standardsIEC 60601 or IS 13450

Performance Parameter

PurposeIt is used to display blood flow information and Doppler spectral analysis and suitable for abdominal, Obs./Gynae, small parts,Vascular, Musculosheletal, Anesthesia and Emergency applications in adults & pediatric patients
PortabilityPortable and stand alone system integrated on a light weight mobile cart/trolley
The system should be a color Doppler examinations feature with 2D EchoYes
Features of MachineFully digital , compact portable , colour doppler USG machine with pinless connector
Design featuresCompact, lightweight and portable unit & must be sturdy material design which is able to withstand accidental hits/falls during transportation
Application presets providedMultiple pre loaded as well as user configurable application presets provided
Imaging ModeHigh resolution real time 2D, M-mode, Color Doppler imaging, pulsed wave, Power Doppler imaging, Duplex & Triplex imaging mode, Anatomical M-mode, Color M-mode, Pulse Wave and Continuous Wave doppler, Steerable Continuous Wave Doppler.
Measurement for 2D modeMultiple distances, area and volume
Measurements for Doppler modesStenosis quantification in percentage, diameter, PVS, EDV, Mean, PI, RI, Floor volume,acceleration time and Index. Automatic and manual measurements and display of pulsed Doppler calculations should be possible
Controls for 2D ModeTotal gain,depth,TCG,dynamic range,acoustic power output
Controls for color DopplerPRF. color gain,position & size of ROI,steering of ROI,Clor maps,color invert
Controls for pulse DopplerVariable sample volume size from 1 to 5 mm or more ,Steer,PRF,Baseline,Gain angle correction,Spectral invert,Duplex on /off
The system should be capable of simultaneous dual display of B-mode & color modeYes
M-Mode cursor to be adjustable in any plane and allow for accurate measurementsYes
Should have color Doppler & power Doppler imaging with multi-beam receivingYes
Process signals frequency range in MHz2 – 17 MHz
Digital channel element number1024
Digital processing channels64000
Display Grey Scale256
Dynamic range in db240
Frame rate in B-Mode in fps500
Frame rate in Color-Mode in fps400
Display unitLCD
Size of display with flicker free images in inches17
User interfaceBy ergonomic full alphanumeric soft keys keyboard with easy access scan controls & trackball with provisions available for attaching an external keyboard & mouse
Facility to sanitize the system keyboard to avoid cross examinationYes
The system should have Tissues Harmonic imagingYes
Scanning Probes/transducerConvex probe, TV/TR probe, Phased (Sector) probe, Linear Probes, Single crystal probe
Availability of 4D probesYes
Number of probe connectivity at a time2
Convex phase array probe frequency1-6 MHz
Broadband Linear Array probe frequency3 – 12 MHz
Phased (sector) type probe frequency2 – 6 MHz
Single crystal probe frequency2 – 18 MHz
All probe/transducer should be light weightYes
Cine memoryOn all modes
Cine loop frames100000
Cine loop time120
Availability of Cropboard function in freeze modeYes
Cine play back mode for DopplerYes
Doppler cine sound play back functionYes
Number of needles in probe provided with biopsy guide50
The system should select at least Two Levels for Better Matching Frequency Band WidthYes
Combined mode of advanced tissue Harmonic Imaging and Real time compound ImagingYes
Should have color flow imagingYes
Should have Tissue Doppler ImagingYes
Should have duplex/triplex imaging possibility on the systemYes
Should have colour doppler facility in all the probesYes
Should have integrated hard disk for image storage / for retrieval of imagesYes
CD/DVD writer providedYes
Data transferUSB Port and LAN transfer facility
Should have full functional measurement facility and dedicated cardiac calculation packagesYes
Provision for external printerYes
Type of printer supplied with machineColor Printer
Power supplySingle Phase AC (230 V, 50 Hz)
Availability of Power cable compactable with Indian plugYes
Scanning startup time in seconds30
Facilitate advanced Echocardiography scanning for vascular assessment and for early detection of CHD using Convex & Linear ProbesYes
Consumables supplied with unitPaper & Cartridges for 1000 image printouts
Probe holder & jelly bottle holder providedYes
Warranty time of product in year2
Certificate to be available from OEM/principal regarding approval of service centers in IndiaYes
Trolley supplied shall be from same manufacturer of machineYes
Operating temperature & humidity10 – 40 deg C and relative humidity of 15-90 %
Suitable UPS to be supplied with equipmentYes
UPS backup time in minutes120
Product should be made up of high quality material, pretreated with materials providing good finish, scratch resistant, bacteriostatic coatingYes
Product instruction manual shall be suppliedYes
Demonstration of equipment and training to be provided after completing supplies before AcceptanceYes
Line memoryOn all modes

Dimensional Parameter

Scanning depth in cmMore than 35
Size of display screen in inch19
Size of Ultrasound Machine (Lx W x H) in mm x mm x mm240 x 270 x 500
Weight of Ultrasound Machine without trolley in Kg7


ISO certification for quality standardsISO 13485
ISO Certification Number & DateSX601198460001 & 22/08/2017
ISO certification for manufacturerISO 9001
ISO certificate number and date011001532340
Copies of reports and certifications to be furnished to buyer on demand at time of suppliesYes


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