Table Top Autoclave

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Accessories, Consumables & Warranty

Accessories:Each Tabletop autoclave unit shall be supplied along with: One Rack unit with 5 levels and one set of suitable sized instrument trays.
Warranty3 year
Consumables: Sterilizer unit to be supplied with consumables sufficient to carry out sterilization cycles (No)sufficient for 50 sterilization cycles


TypeTable top or bench top steam steriliser
Type of cycle processes availableB-process
Sterilizer Chamber TypeCircular
Steriliser chamber materialSS 316 or better grade steel
Working Pressure of Chamber2.2 bar
Design Pressure of Chamber3.8 bar
Chamber pre-heating facility: Equipped with electrically heated jacket for preheating on standby mode:Yes
Type of Sterilizer Chamber DoorRadially Opening Door
Steriliser Chamber door Locking facilityAt least two locking bolts
Sterilizer Chamber door Operation:Automatic (with manual override facility in case of auto mechanism failure)
Door sealing:By elastomeric rubber gasket suitable to withstand temperature upto 140 degree C & pressure upto 20-30 psi
Inlet Air Filtration:Yes, Atmospheric air shall enter the sterilisation chamber after its filtering by a disposable air filter provided in the equipment.
Air Filter efficiency:>= 99.998%
Sterilising Cycle Processes available:121 degree C Wrapped,134 degree C Wrapped,134 degree C Flash/Rapid open instrument cycle,134 degree C textile,Test programs: Bowie & Dick, Leak Test
Water Storage Tank: Inbuilt water reservoir with Storage capacity of 3-5 litre with easy access for cleaning to avoid biofilm available:Yes
Steriliser have inbuilt steam generator designed for integrated energy storing system for building up power for sterilisation load in shot time:No
Type of control system available for Steriliser cycle operation:Microprocessor based PLC system specifically designed for sterilisation operations, with CPU processor with battery back up, digital input/output controls, analog measuring inputs & COM ports for printer and PC connectivity. Automatic process checking, self checking of safety devices and failure correction should be possible by the control system.
Power Source:220 Volt, 50 Hz AC electric supply
Power supply:220 volt, 50 Hz AC electric supply single phase
Number of Trays in sterillser chamber3
Sterilliser Loading Type:Front loading
Audio- visual Alarm facility available for notifying:Temperature sensor failure,Pressure sensor failure,Phase time out,Door improperly closed,Power failure (no alarm if duration of power failure < 10 sec),Safety device malfunctioning

Overall Size

Overall Height:485 millimeter
Overall Width:425 millimeter
Overall Depth:750 millimeter

Quality And Certifications

Compliance of Chamber for Chamber Pressure Equipment Directives (PED) AND EN 13445 norms:Yes
Quality Compliance available for quality systems as per as per ISO 9001:2000 , EN ISO 13485:2003, ISO 14001:2004:Yes
Certifications:US FDA,European CE


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