Sterilization indicator tapes for Medical Purposes

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ProductSterilization/autoclave indicator tapes for Medical purposes
TypeSingle sided, self adhesive
UsageSealing or packaging to distinguish between sterilized and non-sterilized units during storage
ObjectiveTo secure the packs wrapped with woven, non-woven, treated woven, paper and paper/plastic wraps that go into sterilizer and verify the packs that have been exposed to Hydrogen Peroxide. Indicator color does not fade when exposed to light.
Easily removable, residue freeYes
Highly resistant to break or tearYes
Good resistant to heat and moistureYes
Tape shall be Lead free and Non – toxicYes
Strong tape, firmly holds to package before, during and after sterilization cycleYes
Tape shall stick well on paper, board, metal, plastic, glass etcYes


Method of sterilizationSteam
Colour of tape before steriliationBeige
Colour of tape after steriliation/autoclaveBrown
Change of the integrated chemical indicator on the tapeIts colour
After the sterilization process is complete, the tape can easily be removed with no adhesive residueYes
Tape provides an indication that the pack has passed through a sterilization cycleYes
Storage temperature range (Deg C)20
Storage humidity range (%RH)19
Sterilization temperature (Deg C)121
Sterilization relative humidity (RH) (%)10
Sterilization time (Minutes)60
Shelf life of tape (year)3


Tape length (mtrs)55 meter
Tape width (mm)19 millimeter
Core diameter of roll (mm)22
Material of tape backingCrepe Paper
Other side of tapeChemical indicator Stripes or words that change in colour on sterilization
Weight (gm)70 gram


Conformity to StandardISO 18472:2006 Sterilization of Health care products- Biological and Chemical indicators
ISI MarkedNo
CM/L Number (if product is ISI marked)0


PackingIndividually packed in peel-to-open paper/polythene pouch


Submission of test report on Form 39 or from Central Government /NABL / ILAC accredited Lab covering all the parameters declaredYes
Certification availableISO
Product conformity certificate is to be provided to the buyer at the time of supplyYes


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