Stainless Steel Shoe Rack 3 Shelves

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Configuration3-shelves Shoe rack
Design of shoe rackCovered from all the three sides except front of the rack
Frame typePerfectly in upright and straight position
Shelves fittedAt the right angles to the sides and to be parallel to each other.
Mode of supplyAssembled – Ready to use
Top of shoe rack projected upwardAt height of 100 mm from all the three side except front side.
Shoe rack with seatingNO


Frame MaterialStainless Steel Grade 202
Shape of frame materialRectangular stainless steel pipe
Side/Back/Top Covering materialStainless steel sheet of 202 grade
Shelves materialStainless steel sheet of 202 grade
Grommets materialPVC


Width of shoe rack ±10 mm915 mm
Depth of shoe rack ±10 mm305 mm
Height of shoe rack ±10 mm1000 mm
Frame sizes25 mm X 30 mm X 1.0 mm(thick)
Distance between each shelves ±10 mm200 mm
Ground clearance ± 10mm100 mm
Thickness of Side/Back/Top Covering material1.0 mm
Shelves thickness / size25 mm X 30 mm X 1.0 mm(thick)


Shelves fold in “C” shape from front sidesIn 25 mm and edge fold in 180 degree
WeldingFrame pipes and sheet work to be welded with MIG welding and buffed / grind neatly.
Dressing of Shoe rackSurface free from crack and distortion.
PackingFive ply corrugated board and strapped with 12mm HDPE strap


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