Stadiometer- ICDS

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Confirmity to Stadiometer as per ICDS standardsYes
Stadiometer designed to Measure Height of Adult and Children aged 24 Month and Above in Vertical PositionYes

Performance Parameters

Smallest Graduation for Stadiometer (cm)0.1 cm
Accuracy for Stadiometer (cm)(+/-)0.1 cm
Precision for Stadiometer (cm)(+/-)0.1 cm
Warranty (in Years)2

Dimensional And Material Parameters

Unit of MeasurementIn Centimeters
Measuring Length in vertical position of Stadiometer (should be able to measure upto 200 cm at least)200 centimeter
Width of board for stadiometer (cm)Approx 5.5 cms
Weight of the device (Kg)4 kilogram
Material of Boardmild steel rust proof

Additional Features

No part Should be Loose or Shaking During TranspotationYes
Double sided graduation Parallel to Board for Easy MeasurementYes
Stable connection assuring precise and accurate measurementYes
No need of calibration as all parts have prefixed positionYes
Stadiometer should have Firm flat surfaceYes
Designed for heavy duty use in demanding conditionsYes
Simple and fast set up, no tool (screw driver etc) requiredYes
Orientation of numerals on the measurement scale: parallel to the boardYes
Stadiometer should have large foot plate providing extra stable base and smoothly gliding measuring slide/wedgeYes
Stadiometer shall have Adjustable feet for stability on uneven or soft ground and also spirit level indicator to check flat surfaceYes
Fold-up Mechanism and low-weight,making it compact and easy to transportYes
Stadiometer shall be free from sharp edges and cornersYes
Stadiometer shall have friction feature between board and measuring slide/wedge for preventing the latter from drooping when releasedYes
Durable, Resistance to excessive Humidity, High tempreture resistant, water resistant and shock ResistantYes
Stadiometer supplied with : 1 Carry bag or carry case made of long lasting fabric, zipper closer (ii) removable, adjustable shoulder/back strap(s) and (iii) small side pocket for storage of operating instructions, loose parts and/or stationery materialYes
Stadiometer supplied with Instructions for use, training, maintenance and troble shooting in English, Hindi and any other regional language as per requirment, appropriately illustrated with pictogramsYes
Packed in a carton box which should be of sturdy quality and provides adequate protection of the goods while in transportationYes


Model approval from Director (Legal Metrology)Yes
Certificate number and date from Director (legal Metrology) DepartmentIND/09/17/05 DATED:13/01/2017
Type Test certificate including Environmental conditions from Regional Reference and standard laboratory (RRSL)Yes
RRSL Certificate Number, date and addressRRSL/V/CAL/13/2018-19. 03/10/2018. Varanasi
Calibration from concerned weight and measurement controllerate to be obtained at the time of suppliesYes
Model approval certificate,Type test and calibration certificate to be furnished if asked by buyer at the time of suppliesYes


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