Shortwave Diathermy Machine (Continuous and Pulsed)

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Product descriptionShortwave Diathermy Machine (Continuous and pulsed)
Clinical purposeTo give relief to the patient from muscular skeletal pain and injuries, and pelvic inflammatory disease and commonly used in muscle relaxation, and to induce deep heating in tissue for therapeutic purposes.
ApplicationEffective in Inflammation of shoulder joint, Elbow joint, Cervical spondylosis, chronic arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Ligament sprain in knee joints, Low back ache, muscle spasms, myositis, neuralgia, sprains and strains, tenosynovitis, tendonitis, bone injuries, bursitis, Sinusitis and wound healing etc.,
TechnologyMicroprocessor controlled solid state
Types of diathermy applicatorInduction field,Capacitive field
Touch ScreenNo
Type of display monitorLED
Screen saver facility after certain time selectable of inactivityYes
Should have two outlets so that two electrodes can be used simultaneously with independent adjustment of peak power and pulse widthYes
Should have maximum of 100 free memory to save personal protocolsYes
Pulse frequency adjustableYes
Special inductive electrode, inclusiveYes
Adjustable electrode armYes
HF cut-off switch in case of overload providedYes
Patient safety swich providedYes
Flexible pads: Metal electrodes encased in rubber and produce an electrostatic fieldYes
Space plates: Consists of rigid metal electrode encased in a perplex cover of electrostatic fieldYes
Coil or cable electrode consists of a wire with plug at either end creates electromagnetic fieldYes
Mono mode: The flat rigid coil encased in plastic cover generates electromagnetic fieldYes
The diplode or drum electrode consists of a flat coil electrode encased in a perspex cover with two wings generates electromagnetic fieldYes
Safety instructions of usage lable pasted on the machineYes
Do’s and Dont’s must be displayed on the machine with “Warning” instructionsYes
Additional precautions if any must be displayed on the machine lableYes
The machine is mounted on castors with stoppersYes
Size (HxWxL) (mmxmmxmm)750x450x450
Weight (Kg)31 to 50


RF Power sourceRF Generator solid state
RF IndicatorAvailable
Input power supply220+/-10% V, 50/60 Hz, AC Single phase
Power consumption (Watt)250
Power output (Continuous mode)(Watt)500 Watt
Power output (Pulsed mode) (Watt)1000 Watt
Adjustable Output power settings5 steps
Average power (Watt)500 Watt
Peak power (Min) (Watt)1000 Watt
Output frequency (MHz)27.12
Wave length (mtr)11.062
Wave shapeMono Phasic
Pulse rate or pulse repetition frequency in increments of 10 Hz, (Hz)500 Hertz
Adjustable Pulse duration or Pulse width in increments of 20 micro seconds, (micro second)400 microsecond
Treatment duration timerManual & Pre-programmable
Treatment duration selectable Timer, manual (minute)1 to 30
Treatment duration programmable digital timer (minute)1 to 99
Pre-programmable settings to user protocols (Minimum)20
Tuning control to adjust the radio frequency to maximum out putYes
Automatic tuning of power between the electrodes and patientYes
Testing tube filament to check the output of the machine providedYes
Fuse 6 AmpYes


Minimum Disc electrodes or space plates (No)2
Minimum Rubber electrodes (Set)2
Mono-polar inductive electrodes (No)1
Diplode or drum electrodes (No)1
Flat Coil electrodes (No)2
High frequency cables (No)2
Flexible cable to connect rubber electrode (No)2
Felt spacers (No)2


The product is packed individually in a wooden box including all the accessories in such a way that there will be no transit damage during transportationYes


Storage conditionsTemperature 0 deg C to 50 deg C, RH 10% to 90%
Work or usage environmentTemperature 10 deg C to 50 deg C, RH 10% to 90%


Submission of Test Report from Central Govt/NABL/ILAC accredited Lab to prove the conformity to declared specification at the time of supplyYES
Should have safety certificate from a competent authority viz EU-CE/US-FDA/STQC/ERTLYes
Certificate NoCE – 3321
Certificate Date15 MARCH 2018
Product certificationEU-CE,US-FDA
Four digit number of notified body If product is EU-CE certified3321
Product Certificate No93 / 42 / EEC
Product Certificate Date15 MARCH 2018
Certificate issuing authorityUKISO.CO.UK
Certification, performance and safety standards specific to the deviceISO 14971:2007
Submission of all the certifications and test reports to the buyer along with supplies on demandYes


Supplier to perform on site installation, safety and operation checks before handoverYes
Training of users in operation and basic maintenance shall be providedYes


On site Warranty (Year)1
User technical and maintenance manual detailing complete maintaining schedule with routine maintenance should be providedYes
Contact details of manufacturer, supplier and local service agent to be providedYes


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