Rack Steel Adjustable (JSS Specification)

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Conformity to defence specificationJSS 7105 – 17:2010 (revision No.2)
Frame typeperfectly in upright and straight position
ComponentsBlanks for the side-shelves-dividers and kick plate
Shelves fittedAt the right angles to the sides and to be parallel to each other
Divider fittedParallel to the sides and to be at right angle to the shelves
Mode of SupplyAssembled Ready To Use


Material of back/sides/dividers/shelvesMild steel sheet 1mm thick Grade O-1079 conforming to IS:1079:1994
Material of Kick plateMild steel sheet 1.25mm thick Grade O-1079 conforming to IS:1079:1994
Material of screw metric hexagon head coarse pitchBlack steel 4.6 M6 X 14mm long(5305-002 410) conforming to IS:1363(Part 3):2002
Nuts metric hexagonBlack steel M6(5310-000 547) conforming to IS 1363(part 3):2002


Overall height ±3mm1755 millimeter
Overall width ±3mm915 millimeter
Overall depth ±2mm410 millimeter
Distance between bottom shelves and floor ±2mm130 millimeter
Distance between bottom shelves and first shelves ±2mm480 millimeter
Distance between first shelves and second shelves ±2mm460 millimeter
Distance between Second shelves and third shelves ±2mm380 millimeter
Distance between third shelves and top shelves ±2mm305 millimeter
Divider at a distance of305 millimeter


ColourPaint RFU priming G.S brushing/spraying red oxide of Iron zinc chromate ISC 446 conforming to IS 2074:1992
FinishPaint RFU finishing. war equipment air-drying brushing/spraying with O.G.scamic No.314 conforming to IS:8982:1991


Holes/slotsIn the sides/shelves dividers/back and kick plate to be accurately drilled/punched
Size and number of holes22 numbers of 7mm size holes on both side to suit the shelves
Holes/slots in the various componentsShould be adequate
Ends of the sides/shelves/dividers and kick plateTo be double fold after cutting
Bolts/ScrewsAll components secured in position by means of bolts/screws
Number of divider2 Numbers in each shelves parallel to the sides
Dressing of Componentsfree from crack/surface free from distortion/ no burrs in holes


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