Potable water disinfection system as per CSIR

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Conformity to specificationAs per technology developed by CSIR for potable water disinfection system
CSIR Transfer of technology agreement Number and date17.10.2018
CSIR Technology Transfer agreement validity (commencement of validity and end date to be indicated)16.10.2021

Performance Parameters

TypeESS-MGT (Mineral Guard Technology) developed by CSIR
ESS-MGT technology featureMembrane free, UV free and does not remove existing minerals from the water during purification
Type of technologyElectrically Operated Electrolysis based water purifier
Power Consumption (Watts)16 W
Backup power for continuous operations in case of failure of electricity supply in hrs2
Number of Electrolysis Plates4
Maximum Input Water TDS500
Body materialABS
Top cover materialABS (food grade)
Number of electrolysis plate6
Material of electrolysis plateSS 316
Power supply230 V +-10%, 50 Hz
Battery providedYes
Voltage of battery in Volts12 V

Output Parameters

Recovery at 27 degree Centigrade98 % , Negligible water wastage
Output Water of ESS-MGT system Conforming to Indian StandardIS 10500 (latest)
Output water capacity (Litre/Hour)100
Provision for Arsenic and Fluoride removal capabilityYes
Mineral Content of Purified WaterNo removal of Essential Minerals-Pure Natural Drinking Water
Compatibility with solar energyYes

Additional Parameters

Pre Filter VesselsYes
Sediment FilterYes
Auto cutYes
Warranty period (for free replacement of machine) in years1
Warranty Period (for scope including free activated carbon onsite replacement twice a year) in years1
Antiscalant- where silica is up to 100 ppm/where Mica is up to 100 ppmYes
Provides safe drinking water that can be stored without recontamination up to 30 hoursYes
No exogenous chemicals added during decontamination processYes
Provision for Chloride & Fluoride removal facilityYes
Alkaritch technology filterYes
Solar Power in watts80 W
Water cooler (in case of 400/500 LPH output water)No
Advertisement Panel (In case of 400/500 LPH output water)No


Availability of type test report (Design Evaluation Reports) as per IS 10500Yes
Test certificate Number and date22643180620GEN10030 dated 05.07.2018
Name and Address of laboratory which conducted TestDelhi Test House


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