Phototherapy machine for SNCU

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Performance Parameters

PurposeThe system emits light for reducing the concentration of bilirubin
Type of phototherapy machineOn Mobile Floor stand
Phototherapy technologyLED
Light unit shall be made of easily cleanable plastic or fibre materialYes
Type of coolinfNatural cooling
The range of main radiation spectrum in nm400-550
Peak wavelength of light in nm450 to 465
Minimum spectral Irradiance in μW/cm2/nm35 – 40 μW/cm2/nm at 45 cm height
Irradiance shall be free from UV and IR radiationYes
Availability of digital hour meter showing timePatient Treament time
Machine should have timer to indicate monitoring therapy hours resettable and LED usage non resettableyes
Interruption and a restoration of the power supply do not change preset valuesYes
Average Effective light field in mm21000-1500
LED life hours for LED light unit in hoursabove 20000-upto 30000
Facility of Over temperature safety cut outYes
Mininmum height of phototherapy light unit from floor to use near the mother bed in mm1100
Maximum height of phototherapy light unit from floor to use near the mother bed in mm1600
LED should not topple on 10 deg inclined angleYes
The irradiance ratio (min to max) on mattressmore than 40%
Indicator light shall be provided to indicate that equipment is in useYes
Free fall protection for LEDSpring Counter balance with locks
Phototherapy unit can be used with infant care trolley , radiant warmer and incubator and The base of the unit should be such that it will go beneath any incubator/bed/trolley with minimum of 100 mm floor clearanceYes
Facility of adjustment of light intensityContinuous vriable
Mobile stand with movable castors and height adjustment facility along with easy swiveling of source boxYes
Number of castors4
Number of brakes2
All surfaces to be made of corrosion resistant materialsYes
Noise (in dB)0
Phototherapy unit shall be equipped with white light for observation purposeYes
Phototherapy unit shall be provided with irradiance measurement meter in μW/cm2/nmWith external flux meter
Phototherapy unit shall consist of backlit LCDYes
Complete unit shall be easily washable and sterilizable using both alcohol and chlorine agentsYes
Length of main cable in meter with power socket of standard indian make to be provided3
Power supply230 ± 10 VAC, 50Hz
Maximum temperature range of machine in degree Celsius40ᵒC
Warranty in years2

Additional Parameters

Availability of Electrical protection by resettable over current breakers or replaceable fuses, fitted in both live and neutral linesYes
Power consumption in wattsupto 45
Number of replacement sets of fuses1
Number of Infant eye masks of different sizesNot provided
Operating temperature and humidityOperating continuously in ambient temperature of 10 to 40 deg C and relative humidity of 15 to 90%


Certifications for productCE
Certification No and date to be indicatedERTL(E)/TES/S455/0034/09-07 Dated 17.9.2007
Quality Management System Certification of manufacturerISO 13485 latest
Quality Certification No and date to be indicated13417 Dated 1.2.2018
Saftey standardsIEC 60601-2-50 :2009
Safety Certification No and date to be indicated13417 Dated 1.2.2018
Copies of certifications to be provided to buyer on demand at time of suppliesYes


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