Multiwell plates for tissue culture

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TypeStandard multiwell tissue culture plates
ApplicationCell culture of anchorage dependent cells and non-treated for suspension cell culture or general assays
Utilityadherent culture plus trypsin-free cell harvesting
ColorClear optical white
Shape of multiwell plateRectangle
Number of wells96
Suface typeHydrophilic surface
Non-reversible lids with condensation rings to reduce contaminationNo
Excellient smoothness, uniform and accurate mouldingYes
Clear flat bottom wellsYes
Transculent and optical clearYes
Clear view available when examined with microscopeYes
Multiwell plates coatedNo
Type of coating of multiwell platesNA
Uniform footprint for ease in stackingYes
Suface treated for optimal cell attachmentYes
Leakproof design to avoid well-to-well cross cantaminationYes
Inserts with permeability to nutrients and compounds providedNo
Thin flat cover glassNo
Gasket to stabilize cover glass and for convenient handlingNo
Individual alphanumerical codes for well identificationYes
Compatible to use multichannel pipettes and robotic dispensers for liquid handlingYes
Non-pyrogenic certifiedYes
PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Inhibitor freeYes
Method of sterilizationGamma


Well dia x thickness (mmxmm)10×6
Overall well hight (mm)10
External lengthx Width (LxW)(mmxmm)10×3
Each Well volume (Micro ltr)3


MaterialPolystyrene (PS)


Conformity to Indian Standard IS/LatestNo
ISI MarkedNo
CM/L Number (if product is ISI marked)0


PackingIndividually packaged in peel-to-open paper/plastic blister pack


Submission of Test Report on form 39 or from Central Govt/NABL/ILAC accredited Lab or Manufacture’s inhouse Test Report to prove the conformity to declared specification at the time of supplyYes
Certification AvailableISO
Thermal Cycler compatibility chart is to be provided along with suppliesYes
Product conformity certificate is to be provided to the buyer at the time of supplyYes


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