Microscopes slide coverslips

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Conformity to StandardsAs per IS 3099 (Part1): 1992 latest amendment
BIS markedNo
If BIS marked, provide CM/L No otherwise put NANA

Performance Parameters

Purpose of Microscope cover slipsMicroscope cover slips for microscope slides are used for transmitted light microscopy in the visible spectral range
Refractive Index of Cover slipsnₑ 1.522 5 ± 0.001 5
Dimensions of Rectangular cover slips in mm22 x 60
Dimensions of Square cover slips in mm22 x 22
Diameter of Circular cover slips in mm22
Thickness of the cover slips in mm0.13 mm to 0.17 mm

Material Parameters

Material of the cover slipsTransparent, Optically Homogenous and Colourless Glass

Additional Parameters

The number of cover slips containing seed visible at 5 x magnification shall not exceed 2% per packageYes
Surface of the cover slips shall be fire polished or equivalentYes
Surface of cover slips shall be free from pits, scratches and other irregularities when viewed at 5 x magnificationYes

Packaging Parameters

Cover slips shall be packed in cartons in g10 g
Each carton of cover slip have to indicate source of manufacture, dimension of cover slips (l x w or diameter)yes
Material of packaging of cover slips shall be free from chemicals that may cause corrosion of the surfacesYes


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