Medical X Ray Films

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Conformity to StandardsIS 15584:2005
BIS MarkedNo
CM/L Number to be providedif not BIS marked put NANA

Performance Parameters

PurposeDouble sided emulsion coated medical x ray films used for general purpose radiography IN SHEET FORM
Sensitivity to type of lightBlue sensitive
Material of the basePolyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin with blue Tone
Base density0.10±0.01
Films shall be free from visual and latent defectsYes
Conforming specification for size of x ray filmsIS 9644
Sizes of the films in mm x mm165 x 216
Thickness of the base in microns with tolerance ±20185
Maximum density D Max,Min2.25
Speed which is reciprocal of air kerma in gray required to produce a density of 1 above base plus fog400
Average gradient (G)2.0-3.0
The four corners of the cut sheets shall be rounded and they shall not have any steps and sharp featuresYes
Interleaving paper for the protection of the film to be providedYes
Minimum Weight of the interleaved paper50 GSM
Colour of the interleaving paperWhite

Packing Parameters

Number of sheets of films for medical X Ray50
Sheets shall be placed in light proof black pouches made of low density polyethylene film of at least 175µ thickYes
The pouches of sheets shall be put in light tight cartons and surely sealed with adhesive tapeYes
Guaranteed shelf life from date of manufacture18 months
At least 2/3 of shelf life to be available at time of supplyYes
Marking on the carton must include Trade mark / name of the manufacturer, size of the film, number of sheets, date of expiry,blue/green sensitive film AND SPEED classification and screen to be usedYes


ISO certifications for ManufacturerYes
ISO certification number and dateICI-CE-1700-91120801
Availability of test report from central govt/ NABL/ILAC accredited lab covering all parametersYes
Test report number put NA if test report not available046502501
Test report date put NA if test report not available01-07-2017
Name of test lab put NA if test report not availableRayco
Address of test lab put NA if test report not availableMedical Product Company Limited
Copies of all certifications and reports to be provided to buyer on demand at time of suppliesYes


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