Medical Tuning Fork Sets

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ProductMedical Tuning Fork
Type“Grade A (Tolerance for frequency +/- 0.2%, Decrement time minimum 30seconds) “
Two pronged metal fork used as an acoustic resonator in medical purposesYes
Clinical PurposeTo determine certain types of hearing loss
UtilityPediatrics and adults


Two Prongs viz two legs of U shaped body with same dimensionsYes
Stem is the bar attached to the U bend at the bottom that forms the integral part of the bodyYes
The stem shall be strong and capable of being easily and firmly held by hand for useYes
Tuning fork shall have smooth surfaceYes
Vibrates sinusoidally to generate pure toneYes
Material (Non-corrosive and Non-magnetic)Anodized Aluminium alloy
Shape of the prong i e leg of U shaped bodyRound
Prong (leg), (round shaped), dia (mm)5
Prong (leg), (square shaped), size(mmxmm)NA
Length of Prongs (each), (mm)90
Space between the prongs at the end (mm)15
Stem length (Bar attached to the U shaped body) (mm)60
Foot piece availableYes
Overall Length of Tuning Fork (mm)140
Weight of Tuning Fork (gm)100
Frequency (Hz)512


Each tuning fork shall be marked at a suitable place with the following: a) Manufacturer’s name and trade-mark, b) Frequency, and c) Serial number and code number or year of manufactureYes


Tuning Forks packed in a boxSet of 2 pieces
Each set of Tuning forks shall be packed in a box suitably lined with some soft coushioning materialYes
Price unitPer Set


vibrates sinusoidally to generate pure toneYes
Product certificationBIS
Submission of all the certifications and test reports to the buyer along with suppliesYes


Warranty (Yrs)1
Replaceable Guarantee in Case of BreakageYes


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