Low temperature Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Steriliser

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Usage:Low temperature Hydrogen Peroxide gas Sterilizer is for carrying out low temperature sterilization process to sterilise heat-sensitive devices. Low temperature Hydrogen Peroxide gas Steriliser is for carrying out low temperature sterilisation using H2O2 vapour filling the steriliser chamber, contacting and sterilising exposed device surfaces. with cycle time lesser than alternative sterilisation forms and it involves. Suitable for sterilising heat-sensitive devices.
Type of Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Sterilisation Technology used:Plasma technology,Non Plasma technology
Steriliser is environment friendly and have no toxic by products or harmful residuals:Yes
Shape of Sterilisation Chamber:Rectangular
Usable space (usable capacity) of Sterilization Chamber falls with in the range:51 to 75 liters,76 to 100 liters,101 to 140 liters,141 to 180 liters
Sterilisation Chamber Door:Pneumatically or electrically controlled door with complete safety protocol with multiple locking.
Control System:Microprocessor controlled system with clear user interface for control and display of cycle phases, parameters values and text messages.
Sterilisation Monitoring and Alarms:Steriliser has facility to completely monitor its operations with audiovisual alarms and alarm history.
Built in facility for recording and printing cycle details:Yes
Mobility:Mobile on castor wheel and compact in design.
Cycle temperature range:35 degree to 60 degree centigrade.
Have pre programmed sterilisation cycles for flat instruments and for hollow and flexible items:Yes
Built in safety features available:Emergency stop, Door safety, Over heat protection, Electrical safety etc.
Have an easy to troubleshoot by display interface and all services access available from the front:Yes
Interface for remote supervision and data storage:Digital interface for remote supervision and data storage.
If Process certificate ENISO 14937 available:Yes
Certification for sterilization of metal and non metal instruments:European CE,US FDA
Consumables be supplied with each Sterilisation Unit sufficient for running full load Sterilisation cycles(at least):90
Warranty5 year
Sterilant units suitable to be stored at room temperature:Yes
Sterilizing Chamber has sufficient dimensions for sterilizing rigid telescope units:Yes
Sterilizer unit have been recommended by at least three medical device manufacturers (details to be given by Seller to Buyer on demand) for sterilizing medical devices of their make such as telescopes, camera head etcYes


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