Led X Ray Illuminator

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Number of Panels1, single panel
Single Panel suitable for viewing minimum sheet size of355mm X 432mm
Light sourceLED
Luminance (Cd/square meter)1500
Material of the Front viewing screenHigh quality Polymethyl Methacrylate(PMMA)
Material of the FrameElectrophoresis coated Aluminium alloy and ABS plastic
Power supply input220-240 volt AC, 50 Hz
Dimensions of the viewing area Length X Height (in mm X mm)355mm X 432mm
Homogeneous illuminationYes
Power Consumptionless than 12 Watt (for single panel)


Flicker free lightYes
Availability of External fuses for protection against power surgeYes
Easy insertion and removal of the films Through the X-ray film holders.Yes
On-Off function and Fully electronic continuous adjustable separate brightness control provision for each panel on the illuminator.Yes


Overall Length of the frame in mm470 millimeter
Overall height of frame in mm545 millimeter
Overall thickness of the illuminator (mm)11 millimeter
Overall Weight (in Kilogram)6 kilogram

Warranty & Life, Certification

Comprehensive onsite Warranty for complete equipment (Years)5 year
Life of LED (Hours) >= 1,00,000 HoursYes
Certifications availableNA


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