Ice packs

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Shape of the waterpackSQUARE
Warranty period As per WHO/PQS/E005/IP01.2 (Years)5
Material of Water packsHDPE
Weight Empty,Max (gms)110
Servicing Provision as per WHO/PQS/E005/IP01.2 (Years)6
Water-packs must be supplied with a removable filling cap and delivered empty"Yes
Compatibility with cold boxes and vaccine carriers to PQS specifications E004/CB01 and E004/VC01"Yes
Possibility to check the water level inside with the cap in placeYes
Ambient temperature range during transport, storage and use: -30 deg;C to +55 deg;CYes


Rated Water Capacity (Ltrs)570
Weight Filled with water,Max (gms)685
Width of water packs(External Dimension) (mm)122
Thickness of water packs(External Dimension) (mm)35
Nominal Capacity (Ltrs)0.6
Length of water packs(External Dimension) (mm)190


Confirmatity to Standards WHO/PQS/E005/IP01.2 "Yes
Quality Standards IS0 9001-2008 or EquivalentYes


Availability of Test Report confirming as per WHO Specifications E005/IP01.2 from Central Govt./NABL/ILAC acredited lab to prove confirmity to all declared specificationNABL ACCREDITED LABORATORY


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