High Vacuum Suction Machine for medical purposes

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Product descriptionHigh Vacuum suction machine -Medical (Aspiration unit)
Clinical purposeSuction may be used to clear the respiratory tract/airway of blood, saliva, vomit, or other secretions so that a patient may breathe, also to remove the blood from the area where surgery is to be carried out
ApplicationMinor OT, Surgery, Intencive care unit, Emergency department, Wards, Obstetrics, Gastroenterology, Plastic surgery


Material of cabinet (Base, top and panel)Epoxy powder coated Mild Steel (MS)
Rust proof housing cabinet and castor wheelsYes
The unit is mounted in such a way as to produce minimum vibrationsYes
Material of twin jars/bottlesunbreakable Polycarbonate (PC)
Suction bottles/jars with Synthetic rubber lid and fitted with arrangement to prevent overflow of fluid to outsideYes
Capacity of each suction bottle/jar graduated (ml)4000
Interconnected jar/bottle with overflow protection deviceYes
Double overflow protection with safety device providedYes
Non-collapsible suction tubing ID (mm)10
Material of suction tubePVC (Medical Grade)
Minimum Length of suction tube (mtr)2
Flutter free vacuum control knob providedYes
Bacterial suction filter/air filters and water traps between the suction bottle and suction pump providedYes
Material of trayStainless Steel (SS)
Vacuum Gauge (Bourdon tube type) with concentric scale marking in black on white background, mounted in panel, easily visible during use of machine“7.5cm dia, 0 to 760mmHg”
Entire unit mounted on four castor wheels with minimum two breaksYes
Material of castor wheelsPolyolefin
Facility for easy maintenanceBack open
Size (HxWxL) (mmxmmxmm)960*430*340
Weight (Kg)20 to 30


Input power supply220+/-10% V, 50Hz, Single phase AC and also 12 V, DC battery operated
Power consumption (Watt)150
Power indicatorYes
Integrated on/off switch on the trolleyYes
In-built maintenance free battery of suitable capacity providedNo
Minimum battery backup on full charge (minutes)NA
Power cable for usage in ambulance/car providedYes
Motor capacity (HP)0.5
The motor shall conform to IS:996/1979Yes
Type of suction pumpOil free
Heavy duty motorized pump for fast vacuum built-upYes
Minimum air flow displacement of suction pump (Ltrs/Minute)25 to 30
Built-up Vacuum (Maximum)“-700 +/-10mmHg (-93kPa)”
Sound level (Maximum) (dB)55


Compatible 3 core power cord with Indian plug5 meter length
Jars/ Bottles (No)2
Suction tubing (set)1


The product is packed individually in a wooden/corrugated box including all the accessories in such a way that there will be no transit damage during transportation till destinationYes


Storage conditionsTemperature 0 deg C to 50 deg C, RH 10% to 90%
Work or usage environmentTemperature 10 deg C to 50 deg C, RH 10% to 90%


Product is ISI MarkedNo
BIS License No (CM/L No)No


Submission of Test Report from OEM complying the declared specification at the time of supplyYES
Product certificationEU-CE
Four digit number of notified body If product is EU-CE certified1230
Certificate NoG2 14 10 63105 033
Certificate Date02/12/2014
Certificate issuring authorityTUV SUD PRODUCT SERVICE GMBH
Certification, performance and safety standards specific to the deviceIEC 60601-1:2012
Submission of all the certifications and test reports to the buyer along with supplies on demandYes


Onsite Warranty (Year)2
User technical and maintenance manual detailing complete maintaining schedule with routine maintenance should be providedYes
Contact details of manufacturer, supplier and local service agent to be providedYes


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