Fully Upholstered Three Seater Sofa

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Frame Structure Material and size (±1 mm)19mm thick Commercial Block Board BWP grade Conforming to IS 1659
Seat Cusion Materialfoam
Density of Cushion of Seat Material ±3 (Kg/Cubic M)45
Type of Spring in the Base / SeatingNo Spring in the Base


Total Number of Seats in the Sofa Set (Nos)3
Type of Sofa and BackrestSeat and Backrest are permanently fixed with the frame Structure
Number of Single Seater Units (Nos)3
Number of Two Seater Units (Nos)NO TWO SEATER UNIT
Number of Three Seater Units (Nos)NO THREE SEATER UNIT
Number of Four Seater Units (Nos)NO FOUR SEATER UNITS
Frame CoveringFully Upholstered
Sofa Set is Foldable to use as bedNo
Backrest Cushion Materialfoam
Density of Cushion of Backrest Material (Kg/Cubic M)45
Covering Material for Seat and BackrestLeatherite


Length of Single Seater Units in mm (±5 mm)850
Length of Two Seater Units in mm (±10 mm)N.A
Length of Three Seater Units in mm (±10 mm)N.A
Length of Four Seater Units in mm (±10 mm)N.A
Depth of Sofa Units in mm (±10 mm)900
Sofa Height (Without Back Cushion) ±5 (mm)450 millimeter
Sofa Height (With Back Cushion) ±5 mm835 millimeter
Arm Width ±5 (mm)120 millimeter
Arm Height ±5 (mm)550 millimeter
Seat Height (With Seat Cushion) ±5 (mm)400 millimeter
Sofa Leg Height ±2(mm)25 millimeter
Sofa Leg Width / Diameter ±2 (mm)25 millimeter
Seat Cushion Length ±5 (mm)1700
Seat Cushion Width ±5 (mm)740
Seat Cusion Thickness ±5 (mm)175
Backrest Cushion Length ±5 (mm)1950
Backrest Cushion Width ±5 (mm)1050
Backrest Cushion Thickness ±3 (mm)175
Thickness of Foam in arms ±2 (mm)N.A
Thickness of Foam in back ±2 (mm)152 millimeter
Thickness of Foam in front ±2 (mm)152 millimeter
Thickness of Foam in sides ±2 (mm)152 millimeter

Colour & Finish

Colour of Polish on exposed Wood frameTeak laminate/ply with polish
Colour of Covering MaterialAS PER BUYER’S CHOICE


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