ESD Workstations


Performance Parameters

Type of ESD workstationDismantling Type
Availability of MS Power Raceway between table top and storage shelfYes
MS Power Raceway Accessories5/15 Amp Switch + Socket with Modular Plate – 05 Nos., C32 Single Pole MCB – 01 No., Power Indicator – 1 No. and an On\Off switch for tube-light. This will also include 3.5M of standard 2.5 sq mm 3 Core Mains Cord with 15Amp Top Plug – 1No.
MS Movable 3 Step Drawer Assembly with one universalYes
4 feet twin tubelight with reflectYes
MS Foot rest with ESD Mat pasted on topYes
Availability of full concealed earth and electrical wiringYes
Seating Capacity1
ESD revolving Chair with Seat Size 19″ x 19″ adjustable arm rest , Height adjustableNo
ESD Mat should have minimum 2 button fasteners and mininmum 2 Grounding Cords with lug button to connect it with grounding point coming from Grounding PitYes
Colour of ESD MatAlmond Brown
Surface to Ground Resistance of ESD Mat10^8
Decay time of ESD Mat in seconds<2.0
Warranty (Option of comprehensive warranty is available through bidding only, which if opted will supersede normal warranty in the catalogue)3

Material And Dimensional Parameters

Material of Slotted SectionMS with Powder coated
Dimension of slotted section in mm x mm25 x 50
Dimension of Table top in mm x mm1500 x 900
Thickness of Table top in mm30
Height of Table top from floor in mm800
Dimensions of Storage Shelf in mm x mm1500 x 450
Thickness of Storage Shelf sheet in mm with tolerance +/-3 mm30
Thickness of CRCA drawer sheet in mm1.5
Dimention of foot rest Width x Dia in mm xmm500 x 300
Dimention of Prelam Board as back panel in mm x mm x mm (w x h x t)1500 x 775 x 9
Dimension of Soft Board in mm (w x h x t)1440 x 350 x 9
Material : Calendared sheet product with black conductive layer sandwitched in between two antistatic layersYes
Thickness of ESD safe layer mat2
Availability of conductive plastic PCB Holder with 25 slotsYes
Dimension of PCB Tray in mm x mm x mm904545
Width of each slot in PCB Conductive tray in mm4
Depth of each slot in PCB Conductive Tray in mm4.5

Additional Parameters

Availability of Number of Grammet Holes1
Number of MS LevelerYes
Availability of Dissipative lamination on Table topYes
Availability of Wrist Strap ConnectYes
Availability of ESD Storage BinsYes
Dimension of ESD Storage Bins in mm x mm x mm140 x 112 x 68
Availability of Sticky door mat composed of 30 layer disposable sheetYes
Availability of Electrostatic field make to measure the charge alumulation on PCB , objects near working area and on packagingNo
Provision of panels for fitting equipment related to testing and measurementsNo


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