Emergency I v infusion kit

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Performance Parameters

Purpose of KitConvenient kit for quick and easy administration of intravenous infusion to patient in emergency setting
Type of KitPediatric
Components of IV KitIV Canula, alcohol swab, Infusion set with air vent, IV canula fixation dressing, 5 ml syringe with needle
Details of the Brand/make to be indicated for different components of kit except alcohol swabEuromedd,polymed,jams,maxx
Single useYes
Shelf Life (Specify the shelf life of individual items to be provided in kit )3

Dimensional And Material Parameters

Non Toxic and non irritant materialYes
Kit/Pack Color coded with the color coding of cannulaYes
Gauge of IV Canulla in G22
Gauge of Syringe Needle in G24
Size of Alcohol Swab5CM X 5CM
IV Canulla fixation dressing size4 X4

Packing Parameters

All components individually packed as well as packed in the outer pack for maintaining sterilityYes
Confirmation regarding the manufacturers of all components of the kit which are covered under drug licence to be holding valid Drug licenseYes
Confirmation regarding having atleast 5/6th shelf life for product available a time of supply for various components of kitYes


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