electrocardiography ekg/ecg units

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Mobility, portabilityProtective splashproof case for clean storage and safe transport
Heart rate measurement range to be at least 30 to 250 bpm, with accuracy better than ± 5 bpmyes
Heart rate trend display of at least previous 24 hoursyes
In built Software and/or standard of communicationyes
Heat Dissipiation: Should maitain nominal Temp and the heat should be disbursed through a exhaust cooling fanyes
User interfacemanual
Noise Lavel (dba)15
Electrical protection provided by fuses in both live and neutral supply linesyes
Operating condition: Capable of operating continuously in ambient temperature of 0 to 50 deg C and relative humidity of 15 to 90% in ideal circumstancesyes
Arrhythmia detection facility required; minimum gradation of 1 bpmyes
Functional requirements: electricity;AC-powered; bedside device designed to continuously detect, measure, and display a patient’s electrocardiogram through leads and sensors attached to the patient, it also typically display heart rate, the device is typically equipped with audible and/or visual alarms that are triggered when the patien’s parameters drop below or exceed pre-set limits: Continuous display of patient ECG and heart rate on screen, Allows display of single, 5 lead ECG or simultaneous display of at least 5 waves selected from up to 12 points Operator can set audiovisual alarm levels for low or high heart rate Operates from mains voltage or from internal rechargeable batteryyes
Power consumption60 Watt
weight2.3 kilogram
Power cable length (meter)3 METER OR MORE
Display must allow easy viewing in all ambient light levelsyes
Audiovisual alarms required: high and low heart rate; operator variable settings, cardiac arrhythmia, sensor / wire disconnected, low batteryyes


Certification(s)CE Approved product


Warranty (years)3 year
power input and frequency220 To 240V, 50 Hz AC
Certificate of Calibration and Inspection to be providedYES


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