Disposable Syringes

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Performance Parameters

Type of SyringeSterile hypodermic syringe for single use with needle
Design,material,minimum safety requirements,tolerance and capacity of Syringes confirming to Indian StandardIS 10258-2002 latest for Sterile Hypodermic Syringe for single use with and without needle
Nominal capacity of Syringe(ml)3
BIS MarkingNo
BIS Licence No (if BIS Marked if not indicate NA)NA
Design,material,minimum safety requirements,tolerance and capacity of Needles confirming to Indian StandardIS 10654:2002 latest for sterile hypodermic needles for single use
No of usersSingle(Disposable)
Syringe type based on Number of pieces3 piece
Shelf life (Year(s))5


Material of BarrelPolypropylene
Material of PlungerPolypropylene
Material of gasket (For 3 piece)Synthetic rubber
Material of Needle Tube (As per ISO 9626)Stainless Steel


Packing as per specification and provision of Drug & cosmetic act.Yes
All supplies shall have a remaining self life of at least Five -Sixth (5/6rd) of the stipulated shelf life at the time of deliveryYes
Type of packingRibbon Packing
Recalling of ProductYes

Certification And Reports

Availability of valid drug licenceYes
Drug License no & Date of manufacturers and incase of resller, Drug License no & Date (for sale) of Authorized reseller also to be indicatedMFR-BR-60(N)AL/12 DATE 05/12/2022, RESELLER, W(1225)/13/W DATED 31/10/13 TO 30/10/18
Manufacturer or the seller must not be under conviction in terms of provision of drug and cosmetic actYes
Availablitiy of latest non conviction certificate issued by concerned Drug authoritiesYes
Availability of Certificate for Manufacturing such as GMP under revised Schedule-`M’ of Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940 Or WHO-GMP or COPP for importsYes
Details of above Mentioned Certificate such as Type of certificate, Number , date and validityGMP Memo No. 15/Au 8-42/12 921(15)H Dated 13/10/17
Availability of any other certification such as CE/FDA/CSA/PQS / ISOetc…No
Details of above Mentioned Certificate such as Type of certificate, Number , date and validity if Yes Otherwise put NANA
Copies of batch in house Test report to be forwarded with each supplyYes
Copies of certificates to be provided to buyer on demand at the time of suppliesYes


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