Digital Medical Thermometer

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Product typeElectronic medical thermometer or Clinical digital thermometer
UsageKids, infants, children and adults
Clinical PurposeFor oral, rectal and armpit/axilla temperature measurement


Type of display with minimum 3 digitsLCD
Type of tipFlexible
Temperature measuring unitDegree fahrenheit
Temperature measurement range89.60F to 107.60F
Accuracy of measurement+/- 0.2deg F
No glass and no mercury presentYes
Safe to use and easy to readYes
Water proof for ease of cleaningYes
Should have clear instructions to use or preventive maintenanceYes
Display “Lo” if temperature is less than 32degC (89 decimel 6 deg F)Yes
Display “Hi” if temperature is more thatn 42degC (107degF)Yes
Rapid measurement of temperature for kids, infants, children and adultsYes
Beep sound when final steady temperature arrived during testYes
Auto saving of last reading before next test is performedYes
Time for measurement of temperature, (Sec)61 second
Battery powered with low battery indicatorYes
Press type power button with beep for indication of startYes
Auto off when not in useFor more than 1 minutes
Weight (gm)10


Model approval certificate from Department of Legal Metrology (Weights and Measure), Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of IndiaYes
Certificate Number and Date from Department of Legal Metrology (Weights and Measure), Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India123775 Dt 17.08/2018
Calibration certificate from concerned weights and measurement controllerate to be furnished at the time of suppliesYes
Product certificationEU-CE
Product conformity certificate including Model approval certificate and EU-CE/US-FDA certificate to be furnished to the buyer on demandYes


Warranty (Yrs)3
Clear instructions to use or preventive maintenance instructions to be providedYes


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