Dharapathy With Tiltable Steel Table (Ayurvedic Treatment Table) For Panchakarma

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Material of DharapathyNPG -ISO resin and Advance glass fibre
Non-slip profiled surface for the bodyYes
Shining smooth surface for the head areasYes
Dharapathy should be made in traditional shape with an integral catch bowl and drain channel at the head and leg endsYes
Wood design surface finish having Shirodhara bowl and drain channelYes
Should be made in sandwich technique with FRP beam stiffeners bonded between 4 mm thick top panel and 2 mm thick bottom panelYes
PUF reinforcement provided to resist impact during handling, transportation or shippingYes
Minimum Flexural Modulas of Dharapathy shall be 10000 N/mmYes
Number of foldable handles provided (Nos)4
Overall Dimensions of Dharapathy (L x W x H) (±5%)247 cm x 78 cm x 11 cm247 cm x 78 cm x 11 cm
Bowl Dimensions (dia x depth) (±5%)25 cm dia x 5 cm depth
Drain Channel Dimensions(L x W) (±5%)20 cm x 10 cm


Product DescriptionDharapathy With Tiltable Steel Table (Ayurvedic Treatment Table)
Items includedDharapathy With Tiltable Steel Table and steps
PurposeTo enable comfortable execution of Nasya, Tharpana, Shirodhara, Kaya sekam, Vasti and Pizhichil procedures by tilting of the dharapathi towards head end and leg end as required
UtilityFor Panchakarma of all age group


Material of TableStainless Steel
Should have facility to lower the head-end by rotating a hand wheel clockwise for Nasya, Shirodhara, Vasti etc and to lower the leg-end by anti-clockwise rotation for Abhyanga or SarvangadharaYes
Fabricated using 38 mm X 6 mm angles and pipesYes
Number of steel anlgle tie frames provided (Nos)2
Dimensions of Steel angles frames (±5%)25 x 3 mm
Number of locking brackets provided for holding dharapathy (Nos)8
Made in collapsible design for easy shiftingYes
Electrostatic powder coated to resist corrosionYes
Table shall be assembled using 12 Nos of bolts 10 mm x 25 mm bolts, 16 Nos of 8 mm x 25 mm bolts and 4 Nos of CP pins of 8 mm dia x 60 mm long and 1 Number pin of 8 mm x 150 mm longYes
Dimension of Table (L x W x H) (±5%)190 cm x 62 cm x 68 cm


2 stair steps with non slip surface providedYes
Material of StepsPowder coated steel
Tread width of Steps9 inch
Dimensions of Steps (L x W x H) (±5%)40 cm x 45 cm x 35 cm


The product should be packed with all its accessories in such a way that there is no transit damage takes placeYes
Packing Type (including user instructions)AS REQUIRED BY BUYER


ISO Certified Manufacturer (Proof of the same to be submitted to buyer on demand if ISO Certified)No
Product Certifications (Proof of the same to be submitted to buyer on demand if certification is available)NA


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