Combination of Microwave & Traction therapy with Couch

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Configuration And Usage

Equipment has a microprocessor controlled Traction Unit and a Microwave diathermy unit attachable to a single bed/couch:Yes
Has capability to give Traction and Microwave Therapies simultaneously to the patient:Yes

Microwave Diathermy Specifications

Have multiple levels of microwave output intensity:Yes
Number of microwave output intensity levels available:10
Microwave radiation through a Wave Guide with three slits:Yes
Should be without separate radiators/emitters:Yes
Operating Frequency:2450 MHz
Maximum Average Output250 Watt
Pulse output:1500 W peak or more for deep penetration
Mobile movement range setting for Microwave Diathermy:Yes
Power Supply:220 V 50 Hz AC
IMPULSE Output available:Yes

Microprocessor Controlled Traction Unit Specifications:

Traction Unit should be Microprocessor controlled:Yes
Traction Unit can perform:Static Force, Intermittent Force, Pulsation Force and Combination of Static, Intermittent, Pulsation Forces.
type of Tractions available:Lumber Traction,Cervical Traction
Provision of in-built traction programmes and and also facility to run an optional user defined programme availableYes
Provision of Safety Switch controlled by patient:Yes
Maximum Lumbar Force:60 kg
Maximum Cervical Force:12 Kg
Accessories:Belts, Straps and Flexion Stool for Lumbar and Cervical Traction.

Couch Specifications

Couch frame made of metal frame with padding materialYes
Couch upholstery made of sections to avoid any frictional errors during TractionYes


Warranty period5 years


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