Blood Gas Analyser

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Blood Gas Analyser (BGA) SystemBGA is POCT (Point of Care Test) for measuring and calculating complete Blood Gas Analysis
BGA have facility for measuring; pH, pCO2, pO2, Na+ & K+ on one robust self contained platformyes
BGA also have facility to test broad range of blood gases, electrolytes and other critical chemistry test for measuring:Cl-,iCa,Hct,HCO3-,TCO2,BEecf,BEb,02SAT,iCa(N),tHb
BGA works with Cartridge(s) and/or Reagent(s):Single use Cartridge/Reagent (for Benchtop equipment)
Monitor typeTouch Screen Colour display
Shall have Inbuilt B P (Barometer Pressure) , Inbuilt/thermal Printer, Complete menu for blood gases, Hematocrits, electrolytes and other chemistriesWith Inbuilt Printer
Shall have facility to test BAG Parameters in single and multiple test cartridgesYes
Shall delivers realtime patient result using electrochemical sensor technologyyes
Cartridge / reagent to be used can be stored mostly at room temperature between 2-30 Degree C, Automatic calibrationYes
Shall have patient Bar Code facility, Ability to run a wide range of patient panels on one systemYes
Capability to transfer patient data to LIS/HISYes
CertificationCE- European
Weight (Kg)>5-20
Warranty (Year)5
Power requirementPOCT BGA- Power Supply 220 V / 50 Hz AC


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