Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

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Product Configuration

Clinical PurposeAutomatic external defibrillator should be fully automated, using biphasic technology as per manufacturer recommendations energy level (joules) to deliver shock energy, complying with latest guidelines of AHA and must be upgraded to any future changes.
DisplayAED have an LCD screen that display text prompts & ECG on screen
Alarms/Prompts:Must provide both visual and audible prompts on CPR complying with latest AHA guidelines.
Construction:Compact, light weight, portable with easily identifiable ON/OFF switch and preferably with a handle to carry
IPX rating for dust & water protection:IP55 or better


Power Source:AED shall be battery operated
Battery:AED Battery shall be non rechargeable, disposable and easily replaceable battery.
Battery Life:Standby life of AED battery shall be of >= 4 years, sufficient for eight hours of monitoring or minimum 100 shocks


Disposable electrode pads:Adult Disposable Electrode Pads – 2 nos. and Paediatric Disposable electrode pads – 2 Nos. are to be supplied for each unit of AED. If the Buyer demands, Seller shall supply total 4 nos. of Disposable Electrode Pads suitable for Adult /Paediatric patients as per the requirement of the Buyer.

Certification & Warranty

Warranty of AED:5 years, [With out provision of free replacement of Battery during warranty period]
Shelf life of Disposable electrode pad:Two Years (if unused)

Operating Conditions & Certification

Operating Temperature:0 degree to 50 degree C
Operating Humidity:12% to 90% RH, non condensing
Operating Altitude:100 to 15000 ft or above
CertificationUS FDA approved


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