Anti-AB Blood Grouping Sera

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Type of Blood Grouping Sera/ReagentAnti-AB Grouping Sera IgM
Clinical PurposeFor ABO Blood Grouping
Antibody TypeMonoclonal
Suitable forSlide Method,Tube Method
Ready to use reagent containing antibodies specific to the ‘A’ and ‘B’ antigens on RBCYes
Titre≥ 1:256 with A cell and B cell
Dropper ProvidedYes
Reagent should have avidity less than 4 secondsYes
Should not hemolyze cells or produce rouleuxYes
Storage Temperature2°C to 8°C
It should give easily observable agglutination reaction with antigen positive cells and clear absence of agglutination reaction in antigen negative cellsYes
Reagent should meet the standards approved by USFDA/CDSCO/NIB for blood bank reagents with respect to appearance, color, sensitivity, specificity, avidity, affinity and titer strengthYes
Reagent should meet the standards mentioned in the technical manual for blood banks approved by the MOHFW, GOIYes
All Provisions of Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 as amended till Date and rules made there under will always be applicableYes


Packing TypeVial
Pack size10 ml
Number of Vials in one pack1
Packaging insert providedYes
Each vial should be labeled as per provisions given for labeling in Drugs and cosmetics act 1940 and rules made there underYes


Availability of valid drug license issued from competent authority defined under Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 (copy of the same to be submitted to buyer on demand)For Manufacture,For Sale
Drug License NumberMH/101500
Drug License Date12/10/2015
Manufacturer certifications (copy of the same to be submitted to the buyer on demand)ISO 13485
Certification NumberISO 13485 2016
Certification Date10/08/2017
Product Certification (copy of the same to be submitted to buyer on demand if certification is available)EU-CE (IVD)
Four digit number of notified body If product is EU-CE certified1097
Product Certification NumberMH/101500
Product Certification Date12/10/2015
Certificate issuing AuthorityFDA
Availability of Test report from Central GOVT/NABL/ILAC accredited Lab to prove the conformity to the declared specifications(copy of the same to be submitted to the buyer on demand)Yes
Evaluated and approved by National Institute of Biologicals (NIB) (copy of the same to be submitted to the buyer on demand)Yes


Shelf Life from the date of manufacture (in months)24
The product should have atleast 3/4 of the total shelf life at the time of dispatch to the consigneeYes


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