Anti-A1 (Lectin)

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Type of Test KitPortable/ Mobile Pathological Diagnostic Test Kit
Main items in test kit for performing the testsDevice
Clean, dry sterilized sample collection container present with the kitYes
Dropper PresentNo
Other accessories and spares if any for standard pack in the kitNA
Test kit container for housing all the itemsYes
Number of tests those can be performed using the kit25


PrincipleDetection of Pathological tests
Type of Centrifugation unitNA
Technical specification of Centrifugation unit providedNA
Presence of Silica granules (These granules do not play any role in the detections of tests, but they absorb the moisture so that the Card/Strip do not get spoiled)YES


Serology test for WidalNo
Serology test for IgMYes
Serology test for Maleria AntigenNo
Serology test for Dengue NS1 AntigenNo
Serology test for HBSAGNo
Serology test for HCVNo
Serology test for VDRLNo
Serology test for RA FACTORNo
Serology test for CRPNo
Serology Test for PREGNANCY (HCG)No
Serology test for Semen AnalysisNo
Serology test for Semen FructoseNo
Urine test for LeukocyteNo
Urine test for NitriteNo
Urine test for BilinogenNo
Urine test for ProteinNo
Urine test for PhNo
Urine test for Specific gravityNo
Urine test for KetoneNo
Urine test for BilurubinNo
Urine test for GlucoseNo
Urine Test for Pregnancy(HCG)No
Urine test for AppearanceNo
Urine test for ColorNo
Urine test for ReactionNo
Urine test for BacteriaNo
Test for Fasting Blood SugarNo
Test for Random Blood SugarNo
Test for Post Prondtle (PP) Blood SugarNo


Type of packingIndividual kit separately packed


Submission of Test Report on Form 39 or from Central Govt/NABL/ILAC accredited Lab or from Manufacturer’s inhouse Test Report to prove the conformity to declared specification at the time of supplyYES
Certification availableYES
Cerfification of Centrifugation unitISO,CE
Submission of all the certificates to the buyer along with supplies on demandYES
Availability of valid Drug LicenseYES
Drug License NoDL-LXN-109400
Drug License Date10-04-2017 — 09-04-2022


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