Portable Vein Viewing Device for Vascular Imaging

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Performance Parameters

Type of ModelPortable and hand held
The Type of rays for working of the vein viewer deviceHarmless Near infra red (Nir) rays
The near infrared rays approximate wave length peak in nm850
Approximate Visible wave length Peak of infrared rays in nm530
The penentration depth of the vein viewing device for vesselsUp to 10 mm deep
Vein depth analysis facilityYes
The suitability of imaging modes available with type of treatment or patientsAdults,Neo Natal,Paedeatric,Different skin colors,Aphresis
Modes of imaging available with deviceFine detail, Inverse, resize, Max Bright ,Camera, Universal
Availability of Special Max Bright mode for using the equipment in non standard lighting conditions or without dimming the room lightYes
Vein imaging device should offer an image appropriate across all skin tones and a method of detecting when image is at the proper focal distanceYes
Minimum brightness available in Lumens6
Availability of Green filter to show a green image for better contrastYes
Availability of in built camera to capture the real time image of the vasculature under focus area for Capturing a time stamped static image of the projected vein image and saves the image as a BMP fileYes
In case facility to capture image through camera available no of MINIMUM images that can be stored if facility not available put NA200
vein imaging device should offer an image that provides for the same accuracy and reliability of image regardless of the rotation of the device/technique for use on the patientYes
Direct projection on surface of skin , Should not require secondary monitor to interfere with techniqueYes
Vein imaging device to provide evidence of real-time imaging and demonstrate ability to visualize fluid flushing process for vessel patency to prevent against infiltrcation and hematomaYes
Emission : Device should be tested to and complies with IEC 60601-1-2 standard for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and for radiated and conducted emissionsYes
Vein viwer device should be non laser based and not requiring manadated saftey warningsYes
Power SourceBattery operated
Type of BatteryLithium
Vein viwer device should have fast set up time of less than 1 minuteYes
There should be no need of contact with skin for viewing veinsYes
Warranty in Years3
Weight of the Device in gms500
Operating temperature relative humidity10 – 40 deg C and humidity of 15-90%

Additional Parameters

Spare Battery provided1
Product Literature to be supplied and Photocopies/computer generated copies are not acceptableYes


Type of Certifications for productUSFDA
Certification no and date to be indicated and if option for certification type is others please indicate details of same alsoUS FDA , FDA-9717-5-2017 Valid till 18-05-2019
Manufacturer should have ISO certification for quality standardsYes
ISO Certification details such as Number date etc and if not available put NAEN ISO 13485:2012 , Q1N 160974115012 , 01-12-2016
The Intrument should be Drop Tested and certificate has to be attachedYes
Copies of Relevant certifications tand reports to be furnished to buyer on demandYes


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