Ophthalmic ND Yag laser

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Performance Parameter

PurposeIt is used to treat posterior capsular opacification (PCO) after cataract surgery and to create a peripheral iridotomy in patients with narrow angles or angle-closure glaucoma
Laser beam profile should be highly preciseYes
Type of structure modeSuper Gaussian
Type of pulseSingle Pulse
Number of Step of energy level22
Type of aiming/focusing beam laserLaser diode
Availability of four point aiming beamYes
Source of power supplySingle Phase (230 V , 50 Hz)
Availability of slit lamp with 5-step magnificationYes, from same manufacturer
External Control PanelYes
Source of IlluminationHalogen lamp
Power of lamp in watt30
Source of Illumination should be adjustableYes
Type of tube usedParallel tube
Machine should have Isolation transformer for safe handlingYes
Motorized table providedYes, sourced from same manufacturer
Warranty in years5
Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) which includes preventive maintenance including testing & calibration as per technical/ service /operational manual ,abour and spares, after satisfactory completion of Warranty period1
Certificate to be available from OEM/principal regarding approved centers for servicingYes
Operating temperature range and humidity0 to 50 degree centigrade and humidity 15-90%
Product should be made up of high quality material, pretreated with materials providing good finish, scratch resistant, bacteriostatic coatingYes
2 sets of Product instruction manual,Service manual and trouble shooting guide shall be supplied in originalYes
Demonstration of equipment and training to be provided after completing supplies before AcceptanceYes

Dimensional Parameter

Laser wavelength in nm1064
Optical breakdown in air in mJ2.5
Pulse duration time in ns4
Maximum laser energy in mJ10
Minimum energy level range in mJ0.3 -10
Maximum pulse repetition frequency in Hz2/3
Focus diameter in air in10
Cone angle or Angle of exit aperture in degree16
Wavelength range of aiming beam in nm625 to 685
Power of aiming beam in μW5 to 150
Range of aiming beam focus offset for posterior & anterior focus shift in μm± 150
Range of continuous slit width adjustment in mm1 to 14
Slit length in mm1,3,5,9,14
Maximun magnification for slit lamp20x
Eyepieces magnification12.5x
Focus length of tube of in mm140
Range of Adjustable IPD in mm55 to 75

Reports & Certifications

Certifications for productEuropean CE (with verified document)
Certification Number and dateEUCE dated 22-11-2018
Manufacturer should have ISO certification for quality standardsYes
ISO certification number & dateISO 13485 dated 10-08-2017
Copies of reports and certifications to be furnished to buyer on demand at time of suppliesYes


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