Electronic Weigh Bridge (Without Civil Work)

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Performance Parameters

The weigh bridge shall be rugged design with robust load cels and high quality precision ManufacturingYes
Scope of Supply for the weigh bridgeWeigh Controller,Load Cells,Platform,Large Size LED Display,PC,Printer,UPS, , Model approval ,Verification Stamping from legal metrology Dept ,Ramp( in case of portable only)
Providing Required test loadYes
The test load requirements Provided500 kg
Scope of Supply do not Involve Civil work such as Foundation work,Cabin Construction and site preparation associated with installation of Weigh BridgeYes
The required civil work regarding foundation ,cabin etc as applicable shall be got completed by buyer or consignee through their resources and seller shall furnish required drawing and other relevant information for approval immediately within 2 weeks of receipt of orderYes
Type of Weigh BridgePit Mounted
Maximum Capacity of weigh Bridge in Tonnes50
Graduation of weigh bridge in KG5
Before supply of components of bridge the drawig of the entire set up should be got approved from the buyer/consineeYes
Warranty Period in Years1


The design of weigh bridge shall be such that access to all load cells possible with minimum strainYes
The type of Construction of Weigh Bridge Plat formFully welded structure
The details of platform construction with outline to be indicated in the drawingsYes
The Material Used for Platform StructureMild Steel meeting requirements under IS 2062
Length of the Platform required for weighing in meters9m
Width of the Plat form in meters3m
Anti skid feature for PlatformYes
Ramp length in mm1:10 for portable for 1 feet height 10 feet length
Weight of Platform structure in Kg6500
Protection from rust and corrosion by way of suitable treatment and painting for the platform structureYes
The platform structure should be able to bear twice the maximum capacity of weigh bridgeYes

Load Cell

Capacity of Load Cell in Tonnes30Ton
No of Load Cell in the weigh bridge system6
Type of Load CellCompression Type
Accuracy Class of weigh bridgeClass III
Load cell technologyDigital
Material of Body of Load CellStainless Steel
Load cell to be hermentically sealedYes
Protection class for load cellIP67
Certification required for for load cellRRSL
Load cell to be protected from lightningYes
Auto rotation lockyes for compression type load cell
shall be provided with water [roof connectionsYes
Cabling for load cellshielded 4 conductor cable
LENGTH of cable Provided for load cell in meters6
Should provide required cable from load cell to controller as per approved drawingsYes
Excitation Voltage in volts0 to 15 V
Maximum Rated Out Put of the Load Cell in mv/Volt12
Load cell shall be provided with overload protectionYes
Operating temperature rangeMinus 20 to 50
load cell shall withstand hostile conditions due to extreme temperature ,lightning wind shock and vibrationYes
shall be provided with automatic diagnosticsYes
shall be unaffected by off center loadsYes
canister design to be strong enough to withstand wear and tear and accidental damage due to harsh usageYes
Rated ouput Repeatability in terms of FS0.05%
Overload rating SAFE125%

Weigh Bridge Controller

Weigh Bridge Controller shall be microprocessor basedYes
Microprocessor Speed in MHZ11
Memory capacity in GB4
Electric Power Supply Requiremnts for the weigh bridge ControllerSingle Phase
The power supply shall be with EMI/RFI Filter and Spike SuppressorYes
Type of Analog to Digital Converter24 Bit
Conversion speed of analog to digital converter in MHZ20
Key Board Port for connectingSuitable PC Compatible key board
Key Board Details of controllerHp wireless
High voltage protectionYes
Housing Protection for Digital ControllerIP 40
Printer Port with controllerYes
Details of Printer typedot matrix 80 col
Printer Makeepson
Serial Port ProvidedYes
USB port providedYes
No of digits of led display for weight6
Minimum character size of LCD Display16×2
Type of information displayedWeight,Date and Time,vehicle no and type
Provision for remote Display portYes
Auto flicker display of weightYes
Configurable zero trackingYes
over and under range indicationYes
Tare indicationYes
Remote display to be connected to red LED seven segment display to indicate weight on platformYes
Display shall be configurable with decimal pointsYes
Type of reports which can be generated from the systemDate wise, Monthwise,Customer wise,Serial No wise,vehicle wise
Input Power Supply RequirementsSingle Phase 230 V 50 HZ
Power consumption of controller unit in watts24
Dimensions of unit800*800*200
Operating temperatureminus 20 to 50
Weight of controller unit in KG2
Protection class for junction box for connectionIP 65
Surge protection for junction boxYes
Connection type for junction boxTerminals on PCB Mounted inside JB
Material of construction for junction boxSTAINLESS STEEL
Back up time in hours2
System should be capable of giving connection to external it network system through suitable and reliable communicate cables and portsYes
Weigh Bridge management SoftwareUser friendly Software for processing data date wise, truck wise, challan wise, shift wise, customer wise etc. for generation of daily / Weekly & monthly report. Preparing Transport Permit, Invoice etc.
Print out Provided by SystemMonogram,address with phone,no,date at time of weighing,vehicle registration,gross weight,net weight,tare weight in kg,item particularly desription in minimum 32 space alphanumeric mode
Electrical workAll electrical connection from weigh bridge to our automation control room or as adviced by buyer and laying of the cables for complete integration of the Weighbridge. Providing all required socket, switch, cable, junction box of good quality to be used for weigh bridge.
All electrical equipment shall be tropicalized and shall have IP 54 ProtectionYes
Provision of EarthingEarthing to be provided as per IS-3043.
Operating manual in original copy 3 SETS and Drawings and circuit diagrams to be providedYes

Additional Parameters

Spot light with suitable long cable to be providedYes
Number of additional load cell to be supplied1
The supplies will be deemed to ebe completed only after installation and obtaining stamping of legal metro logy DeptYes
UPS to be provided with the systemYes
Capacity of UPS1000KVA


operating manual of machine 3 sets in english and laungage specified to be suppliedYes
Programming ManulasYes
Training to be given to officials of the Buying OrganisationYes
Complete software for auto calibration and smart calibration minor weight correction by software shall be providedYes
Stamping of Weigh Bridge final calibrationliaisoning with the inspector of Legal metrology department (Weight and Measure Deptt), for verification and Stamping of Weigh Bridge and also paying the required fee to Legal Metrology department and obtaiming the stamping
Details of Certification of RRSLWM-21 (295)/2005
Details of OIML CertificationsWM-21 (295)/2005
Copies of certifications and reports shall be submitted to buyer on demand at time of suppliesYes


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