Dental autoclave with accessories

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Performance Parameters

PurposeAutoclaving of equipments, instrument etc for dental treatment
Scope of SupplyAuto clave , servo stabilizer,water tank and sterilizatinon pouches
Type of LoadingFront
Type of auto claveTable Top
No of separators to hold different types of instruments/ materials2
Sterilization ProcessAutomatic
Drying processAutomatic
Control management and monotoringCompletely microprocessor controlled, constant management and monitoring of autoclave functions and parameters
Range of Capacity of autoclave in liters(Hint Seller to select the option based on capacity of auto clave offered)23-25
Provision of Pre vaccum cycles to remove air from the chamberYes
Class typeB
Provision of pre vaccum cycles to remove air from the chamberYes
Provision of Dry cycle option with selectable time periodsYes
Type of display with soft touch padLED
Material of construction of the perforated traysStainless steel 316 L
Porosity of microbacterial filter0.3 micron
Location of Antimicrobial filterThe microbacterail filter is located inside the autoclave undermeath autoclave to prevent dust from going inside the autoclave
Weight of the autoclave in KG55
Availability of Alpha numeric display to set protocol with soft key padYes
Number of error messages and warning systems availablemore than 10
Table top auto clave has different pre program cycles of autoclaving different wrapped and unwrapped equipment/materials ie metal solid instruments,hollow metal instruments,rubber ,plastic,textileYes
Type of monitoring systems available with the AutoclaveConstant monitoring of temperature, pressure, vacuum and drying cycle
sterilization holding time for short loadless than or equal to 2 minutes
No of preprogrammed autoclaving cycles available5
Availability of Prion ProgramYes
sterilization holding time for prion programme in minutes13-16
Door opening and closure indicationDigital display
Availability of saftey valve to release excess pressure to prevent accidentYes
Table top autoclave have automatic pressure locking system while sterilization to prevent accidental door openingYes
Power supplySupply voltage range 220-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, single phase


Facility to print temperature ,Pressure , time and date of cycleyes
The item shall be supplied with an inbuilt water tank with automatic water level sensorsYes
There shall be provision to add water to chamber automatically when requiredYes
Thermal Printer Provided with AutoclaveNo
Availability of RS 232 Port for connecting Thermal printerYes
Servo stabiliser (atleast 3 KvA), provided either inbuilt or separateYes
Number of sterilzation pouches of 10 cm width, made of paper and polypropylene, with thermal chemical indicator provided250
compatible distilled water plant manufactured by the same OEMYes


Product/ model CertificationEuropean CE
Conformity to 93/42/CEE- Medical device directiveYes
Conformity to 97/23/CEE- Pressure equipment directiveYes
Conformity to 2002/96/CEE- Waste electrical and electronic equipment(WEEE)Yes
Conformity to IEC 61010-2-040- Safety requirement for electrical equipment for measurement control and laboratory useYes
Technical demonstration and training to be arranged at buyer’s premises after delivery before acceptanceYes
OEM  and supplier certificate that equipment is original and new and not a refurbished / reconditioned product to be provided at time of suppliesYes
Guarantee & Warranty in years1
Comprehensive Maintanance service(CMC) included after the offered warranty period1
The equipment might be required to be installed at remote/ field location and OEM authorised service centres will provide prompt  Installation, user training, service on-site  as and when requiredYes


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